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Team Building Activities

Fully Interactive.  Highly Effective.  Extremely Affordable.

For more than a decade, No Child Hungry has designed, facilitated and delivered success and effective team building activities all over the United States.  Bringing people together is in our DNA.  And, as the smiles from our thousands of events testify, we help you do team building right!

Smiles on the faces of a large team after a team building activity with No Child Hungry

But I thought you just fed kids?

We're glad you noticed that.  And you're right.  We do feed kids.  A LOT of kids.  As in 50 million meals packed and distributed in the past decade.  So why are you here, connected with us, for team building?  It's simple.  As we designed, organized and facilitated meal packing events across the country, we realized how powerful giving back together can be for groups and teams of all sizes.  And, somewhere along the way, a few of our partners reached out and asked us to help them on team building activities.  We said "yes", and we've never turned back.

Our speciality is custom-designed in-person team building activities.  And the custom-designed part is important.  We know that every group is unique.  Their goals, their culture, their team are all one-of-a-kind.  And we honor that in every step of your event.

Finally, the part where we feed kids kicks in.  You see, we're a 501(c)3 non-profit.  So, when you choose us as your team building activity partner, your event is also doing some major good in the world.  We don't charge a fee for team building activities.  To secure one of our activities, you make a donation to No Child Hungry (which is tax deductible) and that donation turns into meals for hungry kids!  How cool is that?  The investment you make in your team building activity not only provides awesome benefits to your team and your organization, but it also provides meals to kids around the corner and around the world!  We think it's a win-win-win!

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."  - Michael Jordan

How It Works.


Let's get aquainted.

Our friendly event specialists are eager to learn about your group and the details of your event.  We'll ask about your group size, your venue, your budget and your most desired outcomes.  Then, we'll help match you to the perfect program options that will be best suited to your team and your goals for your activity.  Together, you'll select the perfect program.  And don't forget that while we list our most popular programs here on the website, we've created dozens of full custom programs tailor made for our clients.  Don't be afraid to dream big as you work with your specialist!


We do all the heavy lifting!

Our team building events are turn-key.  And that means exactly what you're hoping it means.  Once you've selected your program, we do the rest.  We know you're busy.  We've been there.  So, as your team building event partner, we handle it all.  We'll take care of the program customization, all logistics inclusing all needed supplies and tools.  We'll work with your venue to make sure everything is seamlessly coordinated.  We'll plan staffing, pair you with one of our three high-energy event facilitators (you'll love these folks!) and we'll answer any and all of your questions along the way.  Our goal is to provide you with the best team building activity you've ever seen while also allowing you to focus on the big picture as we handle all the grunt work that makes it happen.  Now, your team is going to think you've had to use all your superpowers and work crazy long hours to make such a cool event possible.  And we promise not to tell them any different!


It's GO Time!

The day arrives.  Your team is together, and it's time to start team building.  You'll be totally at ease, knowing that our on-site facilitator will bring the energy your team needs to succeed.  And we've done this.  A lot.  So we know how to keep things on track, make sure the desired outcomes are delivered, and that your team walks away smiling from ear to ear.  Our events are highly reviewed for a reason, and it's simple.  They work.  They're among the most effective you'll find anywhere.  And each event you host will make a positive impact on your team and your community!  Plus, when the event is over, you don't have to worry about distribution.  We partner with thousands of local organizations, so getting the end result (bicycles, wheelchairs, backpacks and the like) into the hands of the right trusted organizations that will put them in the hands of those in need is a breeze!  This will be your best team building event - guaranteed!

Our Most Popular Programs

A Few of Our Clients

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