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Care Kit Builds

A great group event that's fast paced and filled with fun!


Showing you care.

Care kits make a great activity for your next CSR or team building event.  And they're simple, yet powerful.  Care kits bring a little sunshine to children who are hospitalized with an array of struggles.  Whether these brave kids are fighting cancer or facing countless other health issues, they're still kids, and kids need reasons to smile.  Our care kits are customized for the hospital partner, and can include plush animals, snacks, activity books, toys, stationary, games and more.  And your group will have a blast assembling and decorating these in a personal way.  It's a touching and high-energy team building event that will make an impact for kids in need! 


What's the cost?

We can totally customize your Care Kit Build to fit your group, your goals, and your budget.  We work closely with dozens of children's hospitals across the country, so we'll make sure they approve all the included items, and we'll make sure your team has a blast putting these together.  Care Kit Builds start as low as $2,000, and can be scaled to fit even the largest group!

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And the activity?

Care Kit Builds are a ton of fun!  Your group will be divided into teams, and each team will be assigned a number of kits to prepare.  This event can be at any pace you need.  We can make it a fast paced competitive event, or we can make it more relaxed and even allow time for each group to include personalized and creatively decorated cards for the recipients.  Care Kit Builds are one of our most flexible programs, and one that every group raves about long after their event is complete!

Ready to get started?

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