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CSR and Give Back Activities

No Child Hungry - Your Experiential Give Back Event Partner!


Why Partner With Us?

Since day one, No Child Hungry has been a unique combination of high-impact events and amazing experiences for groups around the country.

Our approach to CSR activities is unique, and blends an engaging, high energy and unforgettable group experience with a high-impact path to fighting the global tragedy that is childhood hunger.  

We customize every event we host to fit the needs of the group.  Wanna be fast-paced and competitive?  Let's go!  Looking for something inspirational and laid back?  We've got you!  Desire to make a difference but have limited time?  Done!  That's the benefit of working directly with us to plan and execute the give back activity that will amaze your group and knock your CSR goals out of the park!

Meal Packing Events

Packing meals for hungry kids is where we started, and today, it's still our signature event.  Meal packing is almost magical!  You'll be amazed at the difference your group can make and the fun you can have doing it!  We can facilitate a meal packing event for groups as small as 12 and as large as 10,000.  We can build an event that's complete in a half an hour, take a full weekend, or anything in between.  We've packed more than 50 million meals with groups just like yours, and we'd love to work with your group next!

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CSR Activities

Giving back takes many forms, and we know meal packing doesn't fit every group, every event, or every venue.  And, with a team that spent decades facilitating events across the country, we've got a solution that will fit virtually every group and every event.  Wanna create Jurassic Park out of canned goods?  Yep... we've done that!  Want to build an army of bicycles for local kids as summer kicks off or Christmas approaches?  We're in.  Do you have a crazy idea that your group wants to try that will make a positive difference in your community?  Okay!  Let' talk!  There are no boundaries to our imagination, and with our combined 75+ years of expert event facilitation, rest easy and know it's about to get awesome!

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