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CSR Speakers and Keynotes

Today, corporate social responsibility (or giving back if we're speaking normally) is more important than ever.  In fact, according to a recent study, over 75% of Americans demand that companies do more than just turn a profit - they expect companies to be contributing members of the community.

For many organizations, they already engage in a wide variety of charitable giving and positive community impact.  However, they often fail completely when it comes to telling this story to their current and prospective clients.

Two key members of our team, Mike Whitaker and Mark Quinn, have quite long records as highly sought after and highly effective keynote speakers.  Each has a storied past in the business world, so they understand the pressures of the c-suite.  And, since joining the team, they've both taken the stage to audiences from 5 to 5,000 across the country, helping leaders and marketing professionals learn how their CSR can be an important and effective part of their messaging.

And here's the best part.  Instead of your keynote budget going to another agency, when you invite Mark or Mike to speak at your next convention, conference or meeting, you'll secure them through a donation to No Child Hungry.  As members of the team, they don't speak for money anymore.  They'll work for food.  Food for hungry kids.  And that means your donation is also tax deductible as it directly transforms into No Child Hungry meals for kids in need.  Pretty cool, right?  

Now, are these guys any good?  We like to think so, and the audiences they've spoken to agree.  We're happy to provide as many references as you'd like, and we'll even share a few videos of them in action.  

And, if you're really looking to make an impact, don't feel like you have to choose one or the other.  These guys are dynamite when they work together.  High-energy, high-impact, and a keynote your audience will be buzzing about long after the event ends.

Oh, and we didn't even mention William yet, did we?  No Child Hungry founder William Lowry is the most inspirational speaker we've ever heard.  Maybe we're a bit biased, but this guy is good.  His from-the-heart message is sure to inspire your audience to look beyond the quarterly reports and latest ticker updates and look inside.  They'll find their passion, their guiding light, and they'll learn how starting from the heart can transform any organization.

Want to discuss the details?  Great!   We stand ready to serve and to make sure your next CSR-focused keynote is your best ever!

No Child Hungry's Mike Whitaker delivering a keynote address

Mike Whitaker

Keynote Speaker

Mike Whitaker has been delivering keynotes across the U.S. and Canada for the past twenty years.  While Mike has spoken on a wide array of topics, his passion for the power of connection that comes from giving back is unparalleled.  Mike's high-energy style allows him to connect his decades of experience as a business leader with the impact that is derived from connecting with the local community through giving back.  His high energy keynotes help leaders quickly develop a plan to take action and grow their success while making a big difference!


Mark Quinn

Keynote Speaker

Mark Quinn spent decades as a executive, innovator and sought-after keynote speaker.  Mark's experience spans both the manufacturing and retail sectors, and as the co-host of a highly successful podcast, Mark's humor, passion and energy are clear each time he takes the stage.  Mark's ability to help leaders understand the importance of giving back as a conduit to building their organization's culture and connecting with their current and potential clients has drawn rave reviews from a host of partner organizations.


No Child Hungry's William Lowry

William Lowry

Keynote Speaker

William Lowry, founder of No Child Hungry, brings a high level of passion and real-world relatability when he shares the power of giving with audiences.  William's decades of experience in helping those less fortunate have allowed him to amass an array of powerful stories, all experienced first-hand, that inspire audiences and help them better understand the difference an individual can make as they choose to live significantly.  William is unparalleled in his ability to inspire audiences to look inside and find their unique path to leave the world a better place.


Book an Speaker

When you host an No Child Hungry meal packing or CSR event, there's a really good chance that William, Mark or Mike will already be on-site for your event, so adding a keynote is easy.  However, you can also book any of these highly reviewed speakers for an event even without packing meals!  Plus, unlike other speakers, when you choose a speaker from No Child Hungry, you won't pay a speaking fee!  You'll simply make a tax-deductible donation to No Child Hungry that funds meals for hungry kids around the corner and around the world!

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 11.00.53 AM.png

Why Feature CSR?

There's a virtually unlimited array of topics and great keynote speakers to choose from.  Why should you consider hosting a social responsibility keynote at your event?  If you ask us, it's because you have an opportunity to impact hearts and minds, inspire change, and leave your audience inspired, uplifted, and energized for good!



We've all sat through some great keynotes, right?  Maybe they told some great stories (they should), maybe they made the audience laugh (they wanted to) and maybe they had some more great insights on business.  But remember, your audience has heard it.  Professionals can easily be exposed to a dozen or more keynotes at events each year.  What makes your different?  What makes it better?  More importantly, what makes it memorable.  When you feature a keynote focused on social responsibility, especially with on of our highly reviewed speakers, you open new doors for your audience and tie some great memories to your event and your organization!  CSR is one of the fastest growing segments of the business world today.  However, few professionals really understand it, and fewer still know an effective approach.  We've got you covered, and you'll stand out from all the other events and all the other keynotes they'll see this year.


Success Measured Differently.

Some keynote speakers measure success on how long the round of applause at the end of their talk lasts.  And it's a bonus if folks stand up.  Others measure it on laughs, or how many books they can autograph at the reception later that day.  We see success a little differently than most keynote speakers.  We measure it on memories.  Over the years, we've found that the very best keynotes are the ones that folks are still talking about at breakfast the next day.  The ones where the audience actually remembers what was said.  So that's our focus.  To share the power of corporate social responsibility in a keynote that people remember.  We share steps that are easy to follow.  We share stories that can inspire and that people find highly relatable.  We want every member of your audience to leave enabled to fully succeed in the social impact space.  Plus, we're a bit crazy.  We'll put our cell phone numbers up on screen.  And we'll invite your audience to reach out.  Best of all, we'll answer when they do.  When was the last time a keynote speaker did that?  


A Custom Touch.

Have you ever attended a keynote and felt like it was just another rendition of a "canned" presentation that the speaker did three times last week and will be doing four more times next week?  We have, too.  And it doesn't feel great.  That's why we take a fully customized approach.  We get to know you.  We want to learn about your organization, your event, your attendees and your goals.  And, once you share, we'll customize our keynote just for you.  Now, it'll still be smooth as silk and impeccably rehearsed, but it will be one-of-a-kind, and it's sure to land with your audience.  After decades in the corporate and business sectors, Mike and Mark know first-hand the impact that can only be achieved when a keynote is tailored, designed and delivered with the audience and the event goals front and center.  Maybe that's why they keep getting invited back.  Or maybe it's the thing about the buffalo.  Or the penguin.  We're not sure.  But we know it works! 


An Immediate Impact!

Most great keynote speakers are full time pros.  They speak for a living.  Our team is a little different.  Sure, we could do social impact keynotes full-time, but then we'd have to stop packing meals, working with groups to feed kids, and that's not happening.  So for us, doing CSR keynotes is a way to inspire others, to facilitate positive change, and to have some fun along the way.  We really love speaking.  However, we've found a different approach that's way more fun, and way more impactful than charging a speaking fee.  We don't have fees.  Instead, securing our highly reviewed keynote speakers is done through a donation to No Child Hungry.  And, just like any donation to a federally recognized 501(c)3, your donation is tax deductible.  Pretty neat, isn't it?  Better still, your donation goes directly to feeding hungry kids!  When you feature one of our speakers, your organization's donation turns into No Child Hungry meals.  And, in keeping with our mission to live out the words we share, your organization is leading the CSR charge before a word is spoken!

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