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2024 Small Business Partner Program

Giving together.  Standing together.  So that no child goes to bed hungry!

This program is different.  In a good way.

Today, shoppers demand that the businesses they reward with their patronage exist to do more than just make a profit.  The desire of shoppers to do business with organizations that share their values has never been higher.  But, as a small business, landing on the radar of most non-profits can be challenging.  Impacting the mission can be harder still.  That's not the case when you partner with No Child Hungry.

We understand small business.  A few of us spent careers in the small business community before joining the team.  So we designed this program to create meaningful, sustainable and lasting partnerships.

It's simple, really.  To become a Small Business Partner of No Child Hungry, you make a commitment of just $1,000 per month for the year.  Every dollar of those donations furthers our efforts to end childhood hunger.  That impact alone is a great reason to join the program, but wait... there's more!

Our Small Business Partners enjoy the following, all available to you immediately upon joining the program:

  • Inclusion on the partner page of

  • A dedicated social media post (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) announcing the partnership

  • Inclusion in signage used at No Child Hungry events

  • Access and rights to the No Child Hungry Partner Marketing Package, which includes:

    • Partner use of No Child Hungry logo and likeness.​

    • A array of video assets for your in-store and online use and co-branding.

    • Access to No Child Hungry Digital Assets for website and social media.

    • A custom quarterly newsletter, featuring your branding.

    • Partnership signage for in-store use (window cling, table tents, etc.)

    • Inclusion in the annual No Child Hungry Impact Report

    • Priority access for event scheduling and local need fulfillment.

  • The 2024 Small Business Partner SWAG Pack, which includes partner logo apparel and some really cool gifts to let those around you know you're in the fight against childhood hunger!​

In short, we believe that the value of this partnership is overwhelming, and we hope you agree.

Getting started is very easy.  Just complete the form below, and you're on your way!  Our team will be in touch quickly to walk you through the simple steps.  

We look forward to partnering with your organization, and to making a positive impact in your community, in your business and in the world!


Let's do this!

Thanks for submitting!

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