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Welcome to the Hunger Shop.

You're in the fight against childhood hunger, right?  Isn't it time to share your support with the world?  Sure it is!  

No Child Hungry merchandise ships fast, and wears great!  Let everyone know you believe no child should go to bed hungry!

Best of all, when you snag some sweet No Child Hungry merchandise, your dollars pack meals for hungry kids!  That's right.  You get some awesome swag and more kids get a healthy meal!

Not enough?  Then how about this?  When you purchase your favorite items from our shop, it's 100% tax deductible.  That's because your not buying a t-shirt, a hat or an apron in the traditional sense.  You're making a donation that goes directly toward packing more meals for kids!  How do we make sure no kid goes hungry?  One way is by using 100% of every donation made here in our shop to fund more meals!

Now, if you're curious as to why we have a book here in the shop, we're happy to share.  Steve Bryant, a strategy consultant to No Child Hungry spent decades as a leader in the retail space.  Steve is renowned as one of the premier voices in sales training, and his path is right up our alley.  He's taught tens of thousands of sales folks how to succeed in a high integrity and relationship based approach to sales.  He even wrote a book about it!  And, as the book celebrated 25 years, Steve graciously donated a special edition to No Child Hungry.  It's freshly updated for 2024, and is a great gift for yourself or the salesperson in your life.

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