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Care Kit Build Event Interest Form

You just made a great selection!  Hosting a Care Kit Build for your group is sure to have a positive impact.

Care Kit Builds can be fully customized to fit your group, your venue, your goals and your budget!  Once our team recieves your information, one of our friendly event specialists will be in touch.  We'll work out all the details and we'll do all the heavy lifting!  It's so easy!  Just complete the fields below and you'll hear from our team soon!

Thanks for submitting!


When your Care Kit Build is all wrapped up and your group has concluded their team building activity, the Care Kits you've built will go into immediate distribution.  We work with children's hospitals across the country, and we know children facing health battles can always use some cheering up.  So, once your build is complete, we'll have already partnered with a local children's hospital (or two) and the Care Kits will be delivered right away, adding some sunshine in the day of a sick child.  

Plus, you and your team can join us.  If time in your schedule allows, we invite you to take part in the distribution of the Care Kits.  You'll love the smiles they'll bring to the faces of these children, and you'll know why CSR and giving back are both so important!

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