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Power Wheels Builds

An active, totally service-oriented and deeply meaningful give back event!


Power, Wheels and Fun!

Remember Power Wheels?  That's right.  The motorized cars that captivated our wish list when we were way too young to drive a real car?  Kids today still have those exact same dreams, but sadly, for many children in at-risk homes, a Power Wheel and all the ensuing fun is unquestionable out-of-reach.   That is, until your event when your group builds these amazing toys for children in need.  It's high energy, it's an upbeat vibe, and it's a ton of fun!

Lactalis 2-12-2020.3.jpg

What's the cost?

You're about to be surprised by how affordable it can be to integrate a Power Wheels build into your event.  These builds start as low as $3,000, and we'll build a custom event for your group to ensure that your goals are met.  That means we'll factor in the number of participants, the time frame you've set, and your budget to maximize your opportunity to make a big difference and have a blast!


And the activity?

This is an activity that will bring out the best teamwork skills in your group, and they'll be amazed at how much fun they're having while making a difference for kids.  We provide it all - the Power Wheels, the tools, a facilitator to deliver the instructions, and even our quality inspector to make sure every vehicle is safe and ready for fun.  This event is great to gamify, and yes, we've even hosted a Power Wheels race or two.  Ready to make it three?  Then let's go!

Ready to get started?

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