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Power Wheels Event Interest Form

What a cool selection!  You're going to be so happy when you see all the fun your group has building Power Wheels for kids in need.  Plus, you'll be changing lives.  Bringing joy.  What else could you ask for?  Okay.  You need it to be simple.  We've got ya!  Just fill out the fields below and the hard work for you is complete!   We'll take it from there, and a member of our friendly and helpful team will be in touch soon!

Thanks for submitting!


The team has come together, and at the end of your activity, we've got a fleet of Power Wheels ready to ride!  Now what?  That depends on your wishes!   We have a lot of options on where these Power Wheels can be distributed.  If it's near Christmas, then we usually partner with Toys 4 Tots in your area, and they're able to make the most of each vehicle.  If it's any other time of year, we'll work with social workers and orphanages in your area to find the perfect need.

As with all of our CSR and team building activities, we strive to meet your goals.  So, as we plan your event, we'll ask about your preferences, about your ideal outcomes, and if you have any specific wishes, we'll do our best to fulfill them.  If you're open to the greatest need, we'll identify it and partner with the best outlet.  In short, we'll make sure that this event is a bit hit with your team and that the Power Wheels end up in the hands of those in need quickly.

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