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Bike Builds

A fast-paced, high-energy and big impact give back event!


We're building what?

Is there anything more exciting than the look on the face of a child when they lay hands on their very own bicycle for the first time?  We think not!  To be healthy, kids need exercise!  However, for many children, a new bicycle is out of reach for their family.  That all changes when you host a bike building event!  And your group will have a blast!  We don't need a team of engineers, either!  We just need willing hands and folks with a desire to bring joy to some kids in need!


What's the cost?

There are a few variables in the cost of a bike building event, which include the number of bikes you want to build, the venue, and the size(s) of bikes you'd like included.  Bike building events start at around $2,500, and we've hosted events where hundreds of bikes were build in an evening, so dream big and we're with you all the way!


And the activity?

A bike build is among our highest energy events!  It's fun, it's exciting, and it's action packed.  And, best of all, we handle all the hard work.  We secure the bikes, the tools, and when your group enters the room, we're ready to rock and roll!  They'll be divided into teams (and you can pick), where they'll work together to build bikes.  We can gamify the experience, and we'll bring along an inspector to make sure the bikes your group cranks out are safe and solid.  It's one of our most popular events, and can be done year around, but is especially fun leading up to summer or Christmas!

Ready to get started?

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