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Wheelchair Build

An active, totally service-oriented and deeply meaningful give back event!


Mobility and Freedom

Yep.  We're building wheelchairs.  Tragically, there's a major need for wheelchairs in countless communities across the country.  Now, while we normally focus on children, this activity is deeply red, white and blue.  Working with veteran's organizations across America, we identified a need for wheelchairs for our disabled heroes.  It's their sacrifice that allows us all the freedoms we enjoy, so this event is a powerful way to give back and show our gratitude.  Your group will be moved, they'll be inspired, and they'll make a major difference!

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What's the cost?

As with all our CSR events, we'll customize your wheelchair build event to fit your group.  That means we'll factor in how many chairs you'd like to build, the venue, and type of chairs you'll be building.  Wheelchair builds start at just $2,500, and that includes an on-site facilitator, all the tools needed, and even the setup and breakdown for the event!  It's real impact and a huge bang for your buck!


And the activity?

Ready to help those who are mobility challenged and get them equipped with a brand new wheelchair?  Your group will be divided into teams (usually 5 per chair) and we'll provide them with the tools and instructions to be flawless as they build wheelchairs.  We can gamify this activity, and your group is sure to never forget the fun they had, the difference they made, and the event they're attending!

Ready to get started?

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