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Stop Hunger Bags

An easy, high impact give back activity for your event!


What's in the bag?

Stop Hunger Bags are a great resource for children in food insecure homes.  Each bag contains shelf-stable, easy-to-prepare food items that give children the ability to have a nutritious meal, usually with no help from an adult.  We put a unique combination of items together at each event, but expect items like granola bars, individual fruit cups, canned soup, canned pasta, oatmeal packets, small boxes of cereal, mac-n-cheese cups, crackers, and more!

What's the cost?

We work with you and your budget to create a perfect Stop Hunger Bag program for your event.  The typical cost of each bag at these events can vary, but on average, come in at around $7 per bag.  Depending on the size of bag your group packs, a Stop Hunger Bag can last a child several days, so it's a big impact for a small investment!


And the activity?

You supply the space, the people and a few tables and we'll do the rest!  We handle everything from supply procurement to packing supplies to distribution.  A Stop Hunger Bag Build can be completed in a flexible time frame, and we'll help you factor in the number of bags, number of people, and your schedule to make your event maximum impact!

Ready to get started?

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