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Volunteer with No Child Hungry

Accomplishing the mission of No Child Hungry would be impossible without the generous volunteers who give their time and talents to make sure no child goes to bed hungry.  If you'd like to join the amazing No Child Hungry volunteer family, just fill out the quick form below.  Our team will be in touch!  Your talents will be put to great use, and you'll have an amazing time making a difference and living for significance!

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At No Child Hungry, we have an array of volunteer opportunities.  We always need willing helpers when we have large-scale events.  We've packed as many as 1,000,000 meals in a single day, and those efforts wouldn't be possible without thousands of volunteers.  We also have an array of other opportunities, and there's a place in the family for you!  Everyone has special gifts and skills, and yours could be one we haven't even realized we need just yet.  But we're always open to new ideas.  In our quest to leave no kid hungry, we know it takes the talents of everyone to make it happen.

So, what makes us different?  You see, we believe in active giving.  Now, there are a lot of other organizations that focus on childhood hunger, and that's a great thing.  It takes everyone in a fight this large.  But, around here, we do things a bit different.  First, we believe that there's something really special about getting your hands dirty.  Or, when it comes to packing meals, keeping your hands clean while working hard to ensure hungry kids have access to nutritious meals!  But you know what we mean, right?  In fact, many of our donors travel with us throughout the year to be part of the events we facilitate because they can't get enough of the great feeling that comes with giving of your efforts.  Many hands make easy work, and when we're taking about childhood hunger, it takes a lot of hands!

We also invite you to join us on our distribution efforts.  Each year, in addition to the countless local food banks, food pantries and other great partners we work with domestically, we also provide meals to areas of extreme need.  We take food into places like Haiti, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and many more.  Being part of these distribution trips is life changing.  There's no feeling quite as fulfilling as the one you experience when you physically hand food to a child in need.  The look in their eyes will touch you deeply.  And that's why so many volunteers who have joined us on these trips in the past continue to come again and again.

Finally, we know that disaster will strike.  And when it does, children will be hungry.  Kids are the highest risk population for hunger when natural disasters or human conflict arise.  That's why we mobilize each time we can.  We've sent teams and meals to Ukraine, we've sent meals and teams to Maui, and we've responded to dozens of hurricanes, tornados, floods, and more.  These trips usually come together very quickly, and volunteers are almost always needed.  It's another place where you can lend your gifts to make sure we leave no child hungry!

If you have ideas or questions, reach out!  We'd love to chat and to work together toward a world where there's no kid hungry!

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