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Maui Volunteers

The efforts in Maui will require many willing hands to serve the needs of the people impacted by the wildfires.  And we'll be leading volunteer groups to the island to give back, to serve others, and to assist in the distribution of meals, water and needed supplies.

You can come as an individual, you can come as a family (children must be 16 or older), you can come as a group or friends, you can come as a company.


Trip length will vary, but most will be 4-5 days.  You'll pay for your transportation to Maui and your room and board (which are very reasonable).


While you're on the island, you'll join our team in a coordinated effort to take meals, water and supplies from our central distribution point to areas around the island where displaced people are housed.  You'll help deliver the supplies, and you'll get a chance to love on hurting people.  


These trips can be life-changing.  Not only for those you serve, but for those who participate.  It's an amazing opportunity, and we hope you'll join us.


Just complete the form below, and we'll be in touch with more details, with dates, and with an opportunity for you to get hands on serving the people of Maui.

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