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Damage from the Lahaina wildfire as the sun rises over Maui


On August 8th, the lives of thousands in Maui, Hawaii, were changed forever.  In a split second, fire driven by hurricane winds tore through Lahaina, as separate fires spread in other parts of the island.  In just a few hours, more than 100 people had lost their lives, thousands had lost their homes, and the face of Maui changed forever.

In the wake of disasters this large, those impacted face so many challenges.  As survivors begin to move forward, the most pressing needs are for food, water and shelter.  And No Child Hungry meals are a perfect fit.  They're shelf stable, they're easy-to-prepare, and each meal has all the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a person for a day.  And that's why we're here.  Sharing food, sharing water, sharing love.  And we need your help.

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Our Approach

The fires on Maui took the lives of hundreds, with over a thousand still missing one week later.  No Child Hungry mobilized immediately, and were on the ground in Maui on Friday following the fire.  The first meals arrived on Tuesday, and, in partnership with CityServe International, another 250,000 meals are on the way.  Additionally, 300 rescue buckets, which contain more than 30 items essential items a displaced person needs, are on the way.

While a quarter-million meals and a wave of rescue buckets are a great start, it's not enough.  We'll need to do much more over the coming weeks and months.  And we will.  But, in order to continue serving the people of Maui, we need your help!  Every donation made here goes directly to the cost of providing meals for those impacted by the fires.  Our team has been on the ground twice already, and we anticipate more trips in the coming weeks and months.  These distribution trips will be great opportunities to serve.

Three paths to help. 


Give.  In times like this, organizations like ours can serve more when you give more.  So, please, consider giving.  Just smash that donate button.  All donations will be used to cover the direct cost of providing meals and supplies to the people of Maui.


Sponsor.  Over the coming weeks and months, more support for the people displaced by these fires will be needed.  We'll be doing builds of the most needed items on the island.  There are four options - and we're asking you to step up with a pledge of $100 or more to sponsor those needed items.  For each $100 you donate, you get to choose what gets built!

$100 provides:

250 No Child Hungry Meals


10 Hygiene Kits


10 Stop Hunger Bags


2 Maui Care Kits

Go.  We need volunteers.  Boots on the ground.  More details will be shared as plans firm up, but we'd love to have great people just like you on standby, ready to serve and love the people of Maui.  Tap the volunteer button below, and our team will be in touch with everything you need to know!

Thank you.  For giving.  For serving.  For always stepping up when people are in need, when people are hurting and when a hand is reached out.  We love you and appreciate you!

Relief efforts in Lahaina, Hawaii after the August wildfires


100% of your donation will go toward supplying relief to the people of Maui.

Charity Navigator Four Star Badge


If you'd like more information about volunteering as an individual, a family, a company or group to assist with distribution in Maui, we're here to help!

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