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 Team Building and CSR Events at the Tampa Convention Center


Score! The Tampa Convention Center is perfect for your event, no matter the size. Spacious halls, sunny Florida weather, and all the best Tampa attractions nearby - you can't go wrong! Want to add some team bonding or give back during your stay? No Child Hungry is a fantastic option!

CSR and Team Building

Engagement and Impact:

We practically have home-court advantage at the Tampa Convention Center! As a Florida-based organization, we've had the privilege of designing tons of amazing events there. From team-building exercises that get everyone clicking to impactful CSR events and unique volunteer opportunities, we've helped groups of all sizes create unforgettable experiences at this fantastic venue.

Ever picture your team packing meals to fight hunger, building bikes for a good cause, or tackling a completely custom activity? The possibilities are truly limitless! We'd love to chat about your group, your goals, and how we can turn your vision into reality at the Tampa Convention Center.

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Why Add CSR?

Hey there, event planner extraordinaire! We know you're working tirelessly to make your Tampa Convention Center event a smashing success. But what if we told you there's a way to take it to the next level?

Here's the secret weapon: infusing your event with a touch of giving back can truly transform the experience for everyone involved. It's not just about good vibes (although there are plenty of those!), studies show there are some real benefits to incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into your event.

Boost Your Network: There's something special that happens when people come together for a cause. The conversations and connections made during these moments can blossom into powerful, lasting bonds. Imagine the networking potential!

Empower Your Attendees: Adding a CSR element doesn't just make your organization look good, it makes your attendees feel good too! It fosters a sense of camaraderie, purpose, and respect among the group, especially when you're directly impacting the local community.

Shine a Light on Your Brand: Organizations that give back thrive. Supporting worthy causes like No Child Hungry not only provides valuable assistance but also strengthens your reputation and brand. People gravitate towards businesses that invest in the community. It shows your commitment to shared values, fostering loyalty and making attendees feel their participation matters.

Market Like a Pro: Recent studies show that Millennials, a highly influential demographic, are more likely to switch to brands associated with a cause. While showcasing your efforts shouldn't be the sole focus, authentically engaging with CSR sends a powerful message. Supporting a cause through your event is a win-win for everyone involved.

So, as you plan your Tampa Convention Center event, consider adding a give-back element. It's a fantastic way to elevate your gathering, add meaning beyond the festivities, and create lasting connections. You'll have the chance to connect with new people, empower your guests to make a difference, and solidify your reputation as a socially conscious organization. Plus, you get to support a cause you care about! Why not turn your event into a force for good?

Team Building Activities at the Tampa Convention Center

We get it. Teams are a beautiful blend of personalities, shared dreams, and sometimes, a touch of chaos. But in today's world, video calls and endless emails can create a feeling of isolation.

Here's where we come in. We're not just about fun and games (though, let's be honest, those can be powerful too!). We offer impactful team building – the kind that Forbes calls "the best investment a company can make."

Why Us? We've Been There.

Our team comes from the corporate trenches. We led massive teams and witnessed the triumphs and tribulations of team dynamics firsthand. One thing became clear: traditional team building often lacked a crucial ingredient – the chance to make a real difference.

Building Teams with Impact

At its core, team building fosters connection. You want your team to trust each other, understand each other, and work together seamlessly. But what if you could build that bond while creating positive change? Studies show that working towards a meaningful goal is one of the best ways to connect.

That's where we shine. We understand the power of teams, and we know how to ignite that power through impactful experiences. Gone are the cookie-cutter programs. We take the time to understand your unique team, your goals, and your desired outcomes. Then, we craft a bespoke experience that resonates with your group.

Experienced Facilitators, Focused on You

We boast the best facilitators in the business, and as a non-profit, we're driven by impact, not profit margins. Our focus is on the positive transformation your team will experience. We connect the dots between your team culture, your goals, and the chance to create lasting good in the community. It's a powerful approach that gets results – and builds dream teams along the way.

Why Choose No Child Hungry?

We get it, event planners. You juggle a million things. We've been there! That's why we take the stress out of adding impactful CSR or team building activities to your Tampa Convention Center event. Think of us as your seamless, turn-key partner.

Totally Turnkey, Totally Meaningful

At No Child Hungry, "turnkey" isn't just a buzzword. We truly mean it! Our friendly team collaborates with you to create a group activity that's impactful, meaningful, and, best of all, effortless for you. We handle everything: supplies, equipment, setup, breakdown, and even distribution of the meals your group packs. Top-notch facilitators guide the experience, and upbeat music keeps the energy high.

Your Job? Relax! (Well, Almost)

All you need to provide are some tables (the Tampa Convention Center events team is amazing at setting those up, by the way). We arrive early, set up a stunning space, and welcome your attendees. Our facilitators make things fun and easy, guiding your group's participation. Once everyone's finished, your attendees can head back to their schedule while we break everything down.

Giving Back, Seamlessly

Before your event, we collaborate with you to choose a distribution organization from our network and determine where the meals will go. We deliver the meals, ensuring you've executed one of the most memorable – and impactful – parts of your entire Tampa Convention Center event.

See the Power of Giving Back

There's a reason so many organizations keep choosing No Child Hungry for their events. Discover how powerful the addition of giving back can be! Let's chat and create something amazing together!

Let's Build Your Event at the Tampa Convention Center

Our Florida-based team can't wait to work with you to add a great CSR activity to your event in Tampa!  Just fill out the quick form below, and one of our friendly event coordinators will be in touch!

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