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CSR Events at the Breakers West Palm Beach
CSR Events at The Breakers®


You've made an excellent choice for your event by going with The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. This place is absolutely incredible! With its breathtaking ocean views and beautifully decorated spaces, The Breakers is the perfect setting for meetings that are both inspiring and relaxing. Whether you're planning a small and focused work session or a big corporate summit with hundreds of attendees, you'll have plenty of options to bring your envisioned event to life thanks to their wide range of venues and flexible floor plans.

CSR Events

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Engagement and Impact

Over the years, we've been honored to work with a number of groups and their events at The Breakers in Palm Beach.  We've facilitated both large and small give back functions for groups meeting at the Breakers, and we'd love to work with your group next.  From meal packing to hygiene kit builds to team-building CSR events like bicycle building, wheelchair assembly, back-to-school backpack builds to the most creative activity your team can imagine, we'll make it happen!  Our turnkey solutions make it easy for both meeting planners and attendees to have a great time, make a big impact, and leave The Breakers smiling ear-to-ear!

A CSR Event at The Breakers in Palm Beach about to get underway
The Breakers as seen from the Atlantic Ocean

Why Add CSR?

So, you're headed to The Breakers in Palm Beach for an incredible event. You're putting in all the effort to ensure that your meeting, convention, or conference goes off without a hitch, right? Well, we all know that the success of an event is measured by how impactful, memorable, and meaningful it is for attendees. Now, here's the exciting part: incorporating an element of give back or corporate social responsibility (CSR) can truly make a difference! According to a recent study by Forbes, hosting a give-back event at The Breakers offers four fantastic benefits for your group:

  1. Network Expansion - There's something magical that occurs when people come together to give back. The conversations and connections formed during these moments can lead to powerful and lasting bonds.

  2. Empowerment - Integrating CSR into your event doesn't just make your organization look good; it also makes your attendees feel good! It fosters higher morale, camaraderie, and respect among the group. This effect is particularly strong when you directly help the local community and make a real impact.

  3. Reputation - Organizations, associations, and companies thrive by expanding their base. Supporting charities like No Child Hungry not only provides wonderful outlets for assistance but also enhances your organization's reputation, brand, and ultimately, your customer base. People naturally prefer businesses that give back to their community. It creates a sense that their money is well spent and contributes to the community, fostering loyalty and shared values among your attendees.

  4. Good Marketing - The latest Cone Communications Study revealed that 9 out of 10 Millennials would switch to a brand associated with a cause. While you shouldn't give solely to showcase your accomplishments, it's important to authentically engage with this highly influential demographic. Supporting a cause through your event is a proactive and positive way to connect with everyone involved.

So, as you plan your event at The Breakers, keep in mind these powerful benefits that come with hosting a give-back event. It's an opportunity to expand your network, empower your attendees, boost your reputation, and engage with a cause in a meaningful way.

The Breakers Palm Beach, seen from the harbor

Why Choose No Child Hungry?

We know how busy the life on an event planner is.  We've been there!  And we integrate that experience into how we seamlessly partner with you to add CSR to your event in a true turn-key manner.  

At No Child Hungry, when we say that your give back event can be totally turn-key, we mean it!  Our friendly team will work with you to make sure your group CSR activity at The Breakers is impactful, meaningful and best of all, effortless for you!  We do it all.  We provide all the supplies, all the equipment, the setup, the breakdown, and the distribution of the meals your group packs!  We supply the event facilitators, and we can even supply the upbeat music that gets folks moving!

What do you supply?  It's super simple.  We'll need some tables.  That's it.  And the events team at The Breakers is the very best, so they set the tables up perfectly, every time.  

Our team will arrive in plenty of time prior to your meal-packing or CSR event.  Our team will set everything up, and the room will look amazing!  At the prescribed time, we'll welcome your attendees and our top-notch facilitators will explain how everything works, ensuring that the experience is both easy and fun.  Then, we'll execute your group's participation.  Once complete, your attendees will go back to their agenda, and we'll break everything down for you.  Prior to the event, we'll work with you to determine where you'd like the meals to be distributed, and we'll partner with a distribution organization from our vast network.  We'll deliver the meals, and you'll have executed one of the most memorable components of your event at The Breakers in Palm Beach.

There's a reason many organizations continue to host No Child Hungry give-back activities at their events!  Find out for yourself how powerful the addition of giving back can be for your event!

Let's Build Your Event at The Breakers Palm Beach!

Our Florida-based team can't wait to work with you to add a great CSR activity to your event at The Breakers!  Just fill out the quick form below, and one of our friendly event coordinators will be in touch!

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An event ready to get underway at the Breakers in Palm Beach
A CSR event underway at the Breakers
A CSR event setup at the Breakers in Palm Beach
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