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Global Crisis Response

The global hunger crisis, which claims the lives of 16,000 children each and every day will always be the central focus of our efforts at No Child Hungry.  However, both natural disasters and those resulting from human conflict have a disproportionate impact on children.  When disaster strikes, children are the most likely to go hungry as a result.  Naturally, we step in to protect and feed this most vulnerable generation.  That's where our crisis response program comes in.

In 2023 disaster relief presented a wide-spread need.  In addition to more than 3,000,000 meals sent to Ukraine to provide much needed food for those impacted by the war, the wildfires in Hawaii, the conflict in the Middle East, and several smaller-scale disasters like hurricanes and floods sent our team into action around the globe.  When disaster strikes and children and families are left hungry, we'll be there.  And you're invited to join us, both in supporting these efforts and raising your hand to be part of the boots-on-the-ground distributions.


The war in Ukraine has been ongoing since February of 2022.  Life for the Ukrainian people has been a struggle during this large-scale conflict.  As a result of the war in Ukraine, many citizens have fallen into food insecurity.  That's where our Food for Ukraine mission came into existance.  In partnership with CityServe International, we've now sent more than 2 million meals to the Ukraine, and more are needed in this ongoing effort.  It's a simple mission, but one that will take much time and many resources.  And your help is needed!

Ukrainian citizens recieving food as part of the Food For Ukraine Program from No Child Hungry


October of 2023 saw armed conflict suddenly and massively spring to life in Israel.  In less than a day, thousands of Israeli families were displaced, and the need for life-sustaining supplies, specifically food, loomed large.  No Child Hungry mobilized, and is currently planning meal packing and distribution to help those in need.  But, to do so, we need your support.  Learn more about how you can get involved!


The wildfires that hit Maui in August were devastating.  Life in an island paradise was suddenly turned upside down and, for the thousands of impacted families, they found themselves more than 2,500 miles from the mainland and in need of more help than ever imagined.  So far, No Child Hungry has distributed more than a quarter million meals to those impacted by the fires, and we remain actively involved in the long term relief that so many of these families will need.

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