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No Child Hungry Volunteers Packing Meals for Kids

A Billion Meals for Hungry Kids Starts TODAY!

No Child Hungry has embarked on a big mission with a big vision.  We've committed to distribute one billion meals to hungry kids in the next ten years.  One billion.  With a "B".  It's the largest initiative to fight childhood hunger that has ever been launched.  Hunger and food insecurity among kids is a huge problem and it calls for an equally large solution!

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A hungry child holds an empty plate

The What.

A billion meals.  It's that simple.  One billion meals will be provided for hungry children over the next ten years.  

We've spent the past decade-plus working hard and serving many, but we know it's not nearly enough.  That's what we need your support.  We need you to help us deliver a billion meals to those in need over hte next ten years.


The How.

You may know us from the thousands of meal-packing events we've led across North America.  And we're thankful to everyone who has participated and packed meals.  We'll continue to do just that, but we're also going to do so much more.  In addition to meal packing, we'll launch automated meal packing lines in our Orlando facility, we'll work with food manufacturers and distributors to secure nutritious food products, and we'll explore every potential route to securing the needed meals to feed a hungry child a billion times.  No stone will remain unturned as we seek new ways to provide ready access to food for our most vulnerable population.

Volunteers packing meals with No Child Hungry
A hungry child receives a healthy meal


The Why.

We can all agree that every child deserves to grow up without the fear and worry that comes with food insecurity.  Imagine not knowing how or when they'll see their next meal.  One look into the eyes of a hungry child is all it takes to understand how important this initiative is.  Today, 1 in 5 children right here in the United States is food insecure.  We're going to bring change that.  And we'll do it together, with you, and with everyone who will join this mission.  From the smallest contribution from those with limited means to the largest gifts from those with significant resources, each is instrumental.


The Time.

The time is now.  The need is great.  And your help will make a significant impact.  Give today and be part of the most ambitious program to feed hungry kids the world has ever known.  All donations, as always, are tax deductible, and every donation will make a difference for a child in need.

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