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Meal Packing Event Interest Form

We're so glad you've decided that a No Child Hungry Meal Packing Event could be a good fit for your group and event.  Simply complete the form below, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you soon to answer your questions, help you plan, and provide you with a meaningful (and easy) activity that will allow your group to make a significant difference in the lives of hungry children around the corner and around the world!

Thanks for submitting!

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Once your group has finished packing meals, what happens to all that food?  Great question!  And the answer is simple... it depends!  We'll work closely with you in the time leading up to your event to establish your goals.  We have an array of options.  We partner with countless food banks and food pantries across the country, so if you'd like to keep your impact local, we'll make it happen and the meals will go to hungry kids in need right in your community.  If you'd rather focus internationally, we'll work with you and our large existing network to get the meals to the country and area of your choice.  If you'd like to focus on disaster relief efforts, both ongoing or those that will happen in the future, we'll be happy to accommodate.  And, finally, if you'd like to adopt a hybrid approach, with some meals going local, some going international and some going to disaster relief efforts, or any combination therein, we'll do the work to bring it to life.

In short, the meals will go to hungry kids.  But where those efforts will be concentrated is totally up to you.  In our turnkey style, we'll do all the work needed on your behalf, but you're driving the ship!

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