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Backpack Build Event Interest Form

You've made a great choice with your interest in hosting a backpack build give back event.  Of the many CSR activities your group can do, this is one of the most fun, rewarding and engaging!  Children living in poverty often have a very hard time accessing the supplies they need to be successful in school.  That's where your group comes in!  When you host a backpack building event, your group gets to use some creativity and great organizational skills (okay... not too much skill in that area is required) to assemble backpacks with the supplies kids need to succeed.  And best of all, it's a turnkey solution.  We'll do all the heavy lifting.  All you need to supply are a few tables and some willing hands.  We'll do the rest, including partnering with a local distribution partner to ensure that backpacks your group assembles will quickly get into the hands of the kids who need them most!  Just complete the fields below and stand by!  Our helpful team will be in touch soon!

Thanks for submitting!

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