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The Team at No Child Hungry understands that retail businesses are often approached to support worthy causes and that money for that support doesn't grow on trees, it grows on the sales floor.  That's why we've partnered with The Bryant Group to incorporate its tried and true customer service and selling skills programs to help increase your company's revenue so that you can help us feed more kids.   Steve Bryant's Lessons My Customers Have Taught Me has been required reading for front line retail salespeople in thousands of companies for more than 25 years.  This special 25th Anniversary Editions has been updated with today's technology-driven consumer behaviors and expectations by respected team development professional and former real world sales manager Mike Whitaker.  Your company's donations -- from the modest to the generous -- are essential to the No Child Hungry mission and can help your company grow.

Why Not Sell More and 

Give More Now?

100% of proceeds go to No Child Hungry.

Choose from a variety of  options designed with retail teams and budgets of every size in mind.

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