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No Child Hungry is a front-line, turn-key, hands-on, meal packing, delivery and logistics organization.  

Its lean and efficient infrastructure is unsurpassed in feeding the most at-risk children for each of your contributed dollars.

Why We Need
Your Help
  • A child dies every 10 seconds  from malnutrition.

  • Nearly half of all deaths among children under 5 are caused by hunger.

  • Kids are most at risk of starvation in conflict zones.

  • 45 million kids suffer from severe malnutrition every year.

  • Young girls are especially at risk of hunger.

  • Children are more than twice as likely to face extreme poverty.  The COVID-19 Pandemic pushed millions more children in to hunger.

  • Giving kids early and regular access to nutritious meals saves lives.

Source: United Nation's World Food Program

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There are several ways that you can help My Neighbor's Children accomplish their mission. Here's just a few.


Receive Our Newsletter - sign up to receive our newsletter and sign your friends up too!


Become a Hunger Hero - donate 40 cents a day to feed a child for one year. 


Become An Intern - Serve your internship with My Neighbor's Children.


Lead a Shoebox Drive - Get your church, sorority, troupe, co-workers, family or group of friends to help you hold a shoebox drive for children. 


Lead a Sponsorship Drive - Make a commitment to get 25 sponsors. Launch a campaign and sign them up. 

Volunteer  - Get involved by volunteering. You can become a team member and assist with cataloging and packing donated items, accounting, calling, mailers and many other ways. Extra hands make it so much easier for everyone.


Fundraising - Start and hold a fundraiser in your community to raise funds to sponsor children and support for My Neighbor's Children.


Become An Ambassador - Be an ambassador who spreads the word about My Neighbor's Children to your church, your school, your work, your friends, and your family.


Social Network Partner - Join My Neighbor's Children in spreading the word through social networks. Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or all of them, you can help MNC find friends and make connections to make the MNC Team grow every day.


Project Team Leader - Become a Project Leader. Lead a team of people to a project at an MNC facility in one of the countries where we work. Coordinate the team and scope of work.


Project Team Member - Travel with a team of up to 12 people to a project in one of the countries where we work. Complete one phase of a project alongside other team members. Stay at an MNC facility and have an opportunity to meet the children we sponsor.


Donate - Your donations make our efforts possible. Your donations will be used to purchase food, medical supplies, project supplies, shipping, transportation, and other operational needs. We will also accept several of the supplies that we are able to ship abroad. 


Got a vehicle you wish to donate? MNC may be able to use your car in a foreign country or can sell it to generate the funds needed for projects.


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Just a few of the score of organizations who've partnered with us.

"We had an incredible time at our NCH packing event.  The energy was infections and exciting around the room.  The event gave us an opportunity to interact with colleagues and clients on a unique level.  We look forward to hosting another packing event again soon!"

Kallie Hapgood, Managing Director, Gridiron Capital

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Established in 2013, No Child Hungry is the feeding program of My Neighbor's Children.  Through our work with corporate and community-based groups, we pack nutritious meals, hold drives and work with those groups to provide meals to those in need.  
  • Meal Packaging & Delivery
    Tue, Jan 02
    San Francisco
    Jan 02, 2035, 7:00 PM
    San Francisco, 500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
  • Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen
    Sun, Feb 04
    San Francisco
    Feb 04, 2035, 7:00 PM
    San Francisco, 500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
  • Single Parent Cooking Workshop
    Tue, Mar 06
    San Francisco
    Mar 06, 2035, 8:00 PM
    San Francisco
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